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The Convention Begins In: 


Saturday Tour

For those visitors wanting to get away for a bit, we've planned a nice tour for you.

Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tour Schedule
09:00 - Bus pick-up at the Convention Center

09:00-10:00 - Travel Time

10:00-12:00 - Visit Noble House Antiques
- a large antique store inside a restored 6-bedroom 1907 farm house. Everything is for sale!

12:00-1:00 - Travel Time To Bella La Vina Farms; Terra Bella, CA

1:00-3:30 - Box Lunch From the Orange Works Cafe + Wine Tasting + Outdoor Concert at Bella La Vina Farms

3:30-4:15 -- Return to the Convention Center

We have reserved a comfortable 51 passenger bus with wheelchair access for this tour.

Please Note: Pre-Registration For The convention Has Now Ended.

However,there still are a few seats left for the tour.  Please check with the main Registration Desk on Friday, April 19, 2013.

Saturday Tour Participants
Final Pre-Registration Update: Thursday, 11-April-2013

  Name Call Sign
1 Josie Anderson W6ZPL-GUEST
2 Pamela Angenent K6NDV
3 Miriam Briggs K1ZM-XYL
4 Linda Britton N6OGW
5 Irene Brown KF6RNX
6 Vuong Bunsold KB6RCT
7 Maria De Lourdes C. Rolim PY2XB-XYL
8 Andrea Donner KB6FJO
9 Jacque Epps-Powell N6QEE
10 Yvonne Felter AI6O-XYL
11 Geraldine Ferguson W5FU-GUEST
12 Evan Andrew Ferguson W5FU-GUEST
13 Kortnee Feriante KF6Y
14 Bunny Friedman W6BUN
15 Elisa Garcia WA6NOL-GUEST
16 Kirby Hallenbeck AF6OP
17 Toni Hallenbeck AF6OP-XYL
18 Judy Hessick WA6NUL-XYL
19 Keiko Ide JS1MAT
20 Judy Johnson K0JJ-XYL
21 Carla Kay KD6VQQ
22 Ulla Kordel K7AFB
23 Kathy Kosmenko VE6SV-XYL
24 Robert Love KE5FNA
25 Polly Martens N6RRY-GUEST
26 Katie Martens N6RRY-GUEST
27 Doug Matthews W6DUG
28 Diana Matthews W6DUG-XYL
29 Susan McGirr K9XYL
30 Celestine Miller K6MM-XYL
31 Sue Monsey W7SUE
32 Mary Morrice K6MI-XYL
33 Karen M Nunez AC6HY-XYL
34 Ruth Nylen W6NGW-XYL
35 Marie Pierce KE6NDP
36 Brenda Ransom K7MM-XYL
37 Karen Samoian WB6OKK
38 Camille Sereni KB6KTV
39 Joann Stockwell K6FBI
40 Midge Taormina K7AFO
41 Ann Tavan KD6MOB
42 Ginger Taylor AF6HF-XYL
43 Richard Thompson WA6NOL
44 Heide Wande SM5NZG
45 Linda Weiner VE6WQ-XYL
46 Judy Welch KJ6NIM
* Bus Chaperone

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