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Saturday Tour

For those visitors wanting to get away for a bit, we've planned a nice tour for you.

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015
Time: 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Cost: $40.00 - includes lunch

For IDXC 2015, the Ladies Tour will be going to the beautiful city of Clovis -- which has plans to welcome us with open arms. Clovis has Antiques and Collectibles stores, Specialty shops, Museums, Historical Sites and some Unique Architecture all with six block area. We will be having lunch at The Old Hotel Bistro & Hearts Delight. We'll do a simple project on the bus on the way to Clovis. The tour bus will leave the Hotel at 9:00 AM sharp. We will also be returning around 2:30 PM, so everyone can visit the Vendors or just relax before cocktails.

Please Note: Convention Pre-Registration Ends On
Wednesday, April 8 2015 @ 2400 UTC = 5:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Current Pre-Registration: 46
Note: There Are Only A Total Of
58 Seats On The Tour Bus So Please Register Now.

Questions can be sent to our Tour Guide, Midge Taormina, K7AFO:

Click Button To Register Online For The Saturday Tour

It's safe, fast, accurate and saves paper.

If you wish to register via a mail-in Registration Form, click HERE

List of Tour Registrations as of 15-April-2015 @ 0500 UTC
1 Allred, Sue K6SZQ 24 Lonzello, Christine K6CFL
2 Angenent, Pamela K6NDV 25 Love, Edwynne KE5FNA-XYL
3 Angle, Margaret N6SNA 26 Mader, Judy KD5NEX
4 Beringer, Marilyn NG7Z-XYL 27 Maria Lourdes, Rolim PY2XB-XYL
5 Brokl, Marie N7YQ-XYL 28 McGirr, Susan K9XYL
6 Brown, Irene N6OU 29 Miller, Char W6ANB
7 Bunsold, Patrick WA6MHZ 30 Perri, Candice KF7P-XYL
8 Chabot, Patsy KJ6GKS 31 Pierce, Marie KE6NDP
9 Conwell, Kristen K2PO-XYL 32 Robb, Sherry W7SRR
10 Courtway, Doreen N7RC-XYL 33 Rodillas, Rossi N6RND-XYL
11 Epps-Powell, Jacque N6QEE 34 Rolland, Julie G3USR XYL
12 Felter, Edwin AI6O 35 RUSS, GUIDRY K5OA
13 Felter, Yvonne AI6O-GUEST 36 Sabbasen, Elin Mary LA9VFA-XYL
14 Freeman, Aarlene W6CCC-GUEST 37 Samoian, Karen WB6OKK
15 Friedman, Bunny W6BUN 38 Sereni, Camille KB6KTV
16 Grubic, Alicia N6DFF 39 Simonjan-Heikinheimo, Loretta OH2BG
17 Guidry, Sue K5OA-XYL 40 Spring, Sharon K6IRD
18 Hessick, Judy WA6NUL-XYL 41 Stockwell, JoAnn K6FBI
19 Hughes, Doris K6KSY 42 Taormina, Midge K7AFO
20 Kendrick, Beckie KK6FJQ 43 Tavan, Ann KD6MOB
21 Kordel, Ulla K7AFB 44 Taylor, Ginger AF6HF-GUEST
22 Lenocker, Jodi WA6JL 45 Vaughn, Terry K6LPO-XYL
23 Lipscomb, Carol M. KE4ZLS 46 Weiner, Linda VE6WQ-GUEST

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