Hourly Raffle Prizes
Saturday, April 22, 2023
10AM, 12 Noon, 2PM, 4PM

In addition to the Major Prizes offered at the Saturday Banquet and the Sunday Breakfast, there will be a number of prizes raffled off during the day on Saturday.

Buy your raffle tickets when you pre-register or from the roving ticket sellers who will be circulating during the convention.

Prizes will be given away every two hours: Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm and 4 pm.  Winners will be announced and posted in the Convention Center.

Don't forget to write your callsign on the back of each ticket stub.  Tickets without callsign or name will make it tougher to determine the winner.  So please: Full Name and Callsign on each ticket.

All Hourly Prizes must be claimed by Sunday, April 23, 2023 at 10:00 am.  Prizes not claimed will revert back to the Northern California DX Club.

Raffle tickets are good for ALL Hourly and Major Prize Drawings -- except for the Pre-Registration prize drawing. Those who Pre-Register will receive a separate Pre-Registration Raffle Ticket in their registratiion packet.

Everyone is eligible to win prizes, including all NCDXC Convention Committee members.

Please note: To be eligible for the Major Prize drawings on Saturday night and Sunday morning, you MUST be registered at the Convention.

Good luck to everyone!

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