Frequently Asked Questions
Last Update: 28-September-2022 @ 2000 UTC

Q1: Are you worried about COVID-19?
A. The planning committee understands and acknowledges that many in the ham community have concerns about attending in-person events and catching COVID-19.  We can never guarantee that any meeting will be free of COVID-19 because there are cases which do not cause symptoms and thus someone with it may attend and spread it.  We also recognize that COVID-19, like influenza, will likely remain a risk for the long-term.  New vaccines and treatments  have improved the outcomes and reduced the transmission risks, but they can never reduce them to zero.   That said, several large Ham Radio meetings have successfully and safely conducted meetings in 2022 with some degree of safety using commonly approved mitigation techniques. Those who caught COVID-19 were typically not masking or not following some commonly recommended social distancing precautions. Yet we are not aware of any ham convention where hundreds of attendees caught COVID-19 thankfully. We are especially aware of the ages and attendant risks of those who attend Visalia and their desire to minimize all risks. We will use the latest advice from the CDC, FDA, California Department of Public health, the local public health department and medical experts to minimize attendee exposure.  You are encouraged to wear an appropriate mask and to use common sense when around attendees and at the exhibition hall.  Our concerns are foremost that you, our vendors and the hotel staff can experience a Visalia 2023 that minimizes risk and allows us to safely return in person.  We are happy to provide specific details to anyone who wants to understand our plans and we encourage anyone attending to discuss their personal risks with their own healthcare providers.  (IDXC Covid Advisor: Dr. Scott Wright, KØMD)

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