Banquet Seating
Last Update: 28-September-2022 @ 2000 UTC

International DX Convention Banquet Seating
Saturday, April 22, 2023
Visalia Convention Center; Visalia, CA

Early Seating Requests

To reduce the time waiting in line at the convention site Friday and Saturday, early seating assignments for the Saturday Evening Banquet will be available via E-mail request. Once again the Central Arizona DX Association (CADXA) will be handling all banquet seating requests.

To reserve an early seat at the Saturday Evening Banquet, follow these steps.

1. Pre-register for the Conference, including the Saturday Night Banquet.
The Registration Page Is HERE.

2. Request a banquet seat by sending just your FULL NAME + CALLSIGN to:

1. If registering an XYL or Guest -- use these examples:  
Example 1: N6XYZ and N6XYZ-XYL
Example 2: N6XYZ and N6XYZ-Guest

2. All assignments will be on a first-come, first serve basis.

3. No requests for a specific table or table location will be honored.

4. Since the Convention Center only uses round tables seating 8 people, for group seating, the maximum group size is 8 people.

5. Any registered individual may request seating for only himself or himself and up to seven (7) additional persons making a maximum group of eight persons (Full Table).
a. W6XYZ requests seating for himself, one person
b. KA6XYZ requesting seat for himself and his wife would be a group of two.
c. N6ABC requesting seating for himself and KA6XXX and KA6XXX/YL would be a group of 3.

6. No group seating assignments will be made until all persons in the group are registered for the Convention (including banquet).

7. The individual requesting the seating is responsible for seeing that all of his group members are registered (including the Banquet) for the Convention.

8. If a member(s) of your group require wheel chair or motorized chair seating please indicate so in your request.

9. If a Name and Callsign shows up on more than one group request, that person will be seated with the first request. The other groups will be assigned seating less the duplicate name.

10. Seating confirmation to requestor will be via E-mail.  The requestor is responsible for notifying other members of his group their table assignment.

NOTE: Send any questions related to Banquet Seating to:

Convention Center Site Seating
If you choose not to take advantage of Early Seating Assignments, and providing that you have registered for the convention and banquet and have picked up your registration package, seating assignments can be selected from the remaining unassigned seats on Friday, April 21 or Saturday, April 22, 2023 at the Registration area of the Convention Center in Visalia, CA.

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